HP HT03XL Original Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion 14/15 Series Laptop


  • HP HT03XL battery has an integrated microchip which can prevent overcharging and lengthen the life of battery.
  • Manufacturer HP
    Brand HP
    Laptop Brand & Model HP Pavilion 14
    Product Type Original

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HP Part Numbers
HSTNN-1B80 HSTNN-LB8M L11421-2C1
HSTNN-DB8R HT03041XL L11421-2C2
HSTNN-DB8S HT03XL L11421-2D2
HSTNN-IB80 L11119-855 L11421-422
HSTNN-IB8O L11421-1C1 L11421-542
Fit Laptop Models
Pavilion 14-CE0000NC Pavilion 14-CE0009NF Pavilion 14-CE0028TX Pavilion 14-CE0084TX Pavilion 14-CF0001UR
Pavilion 14-CE0000NE Pavilion 14-CE0009NL Pavilion 14-CE0028UR Pavilion 14-CE0085TX Pavilion 14-CF0002NH
Pavilion 14-CE0000NF Pavilion 14-CE0009NM Pavilion 14-CE0029NL Pavilion 14-CE0087TX Pavilion 14-CF0002NJ
Pavilion 14-CE0000NH Pavilion 14-CE0009NW Pavilion 14-CE0029TU Pavilion 14-CE0088TX Pavilion 14-CF0002NL
Pavilion 14-CE0000NJ Pavilion 14-CE0009TU Pavilion 14-CE0029TX Pavilion 14-CE0091TX Pavilion 14-CF0002NM
Pavilion 14-CE0000NO Pavilion 14-CE0009TX Pavilion 14-CE0029UR Pavilion 14-CE0093TX Pavilion 14-CF0002NT
Pavilion 14-CE0000NP Pavilion 14-CE0009UR Pavilion 14-CE0030TX Pavilion 14-CE0094TX Pavilion 14-CF0002UR
Pavilion 14-CE0000NQ Pavilion 14-CE0010CA Pavilion 14-CE0030UR Pavilion 14-CE0095TX Pavilion 14-CF0003NH
Pavilion 14-CE0000NS Pavilion 14-CE0010NC Pavilion 14-CE0031TU Pavilion 14-CE0097TX Pavilion 14-CF0003NJ
Pavilion 14-CE0000NW Pavilion 14-CE0010NM Pavilion 14-CE0031TX Pavilion 14-CE0098TX Pavilion 14-CF0003NM
Pavilion 14-CE0000NX Pavilion 14-CE0010NP Pavilion 14-CE0031UR Pavilion 14-CE0100NG Pavilion 14-CF0003NO
Pavilion 14-CE0000UR Pavilion 14-CE0010NS Pavilion 14-CE0032NF Pavilion 14-CE0101NG Pavilion 14-CF0003UR
Pavilion 14-CE0001NE Pavilion 14-CE0010UR Pavilion 14-CE0032TX Pavilion 14-CE0106ND Pavilion 14-CF0004NE
Pavilion 14-CE0001NG Pavilion 14-CE0011NP Pavilion 14-CE0032UR Pavilion 14-CE0107ND Pavilion 14-CF0004NF
Pavilion 14-CE0001NH Pavilion 14-CE0011TU Pavilion 14-CE0033NF Pavilion 14-CE0108ND Pavilion 14-CF0004NH
Pavilion 14-CE0001NJ Pavilion 14-CE0011UR Pavilion 14-CE0033TX Pavilion 14-CE0113ND Pavilion 14-CF0004NO
Pavilion 14-CE0001NO Pavilion 14-CE0012NF Pavilion 14-CE0034NF Pavilion 14-CE0143NB Pavilion 14-CF0004UR
Pavilion 14-CE0001NP Pavilion 14-CE0012NP Pavilion 14-CE0034TX Pavilion 14-CE0150ND Pavilion 14-CF0005NE
Pavilion 14-CE0001TX Pavilion 14-CE0012NS Pavilion 14-CE0034UR Pavilion 14-CE0197NB Pavilion 14-CF0005NH
Pavilion 14-CE0001UR Pavilion 14-CE0012TU Pavilion 14-CE0035NF Pavilion 14-CE0198NB Pavilion 14-CF0005UR
Pavilion 14-CE0002NE Pavilion 14-CE0012UR Pavilion 14-CE0035TX Pavilion 14-CE0199NB Pavilion 14-CF0006NF
Pavilion 14-CE0002NF Pavilion 14-CE0013NF Pavilion 14-CE0035UR Pavilion 14-CE0200NB Pavilion 14-CF0006NH
Pavilion 14-CE0002NG Pavilion 14-CE0013NM Pavilion 14-CE0036TX Pavilion 14-CE0300NG Pavilion 14-CF0006NL
Pavilion 14-CE0002NH Pavilion 14-CE0013NS Pavilion 14-CE0037UR Pavilion 14-CE0301NG Pavilion 14-CF0006NO
Pavilion 14-CE0002NJ Pavilion 14-CE0013UR Pavilion 14-CE0038TX Pavilion 14-CE0302NG Pavilion 14-CF0006NX
Pavilion 14-CE0002NO Pavilion 14-CE0014NF Pavilion 14-CE0038UR Pavilion 14-CE0402NG Pavilion 14-CF0006UR
Pavilion 14-CE0002NS Pavilion 14-CE0014NP Pavilion 14-CE0039TX Pavilion 14-CE0502SA Pavilion 14-CF0007NF
Pavilion 14-CE0002TU Pavilion 14-CE0014NS Pavilion 14-CE0039UR Pavilion 14-CE0504NA Pavilion 14-CF0007NH
Pavilion 14-CE0002UR Pavilion 14-CE0014TU Pavilion 14-CE0043TX Pavilion 14-CE0504SA Pavilion 14-CF0007NX
Pavilion 14-CE0003NC Pavilion 14-CE0014UR Pavilion 14-CE0044UR Pavilion 14-CE0505NA Pavilion 14-CF0007UR
Pavilion 14-CE0003NF Pavilion 14-CE0015NP Pavilion 14-CE0045UR Pavilion 14-CE0505SA Pavilion 14-CF0008CA
Pavilion 14-CE0003NJ Pavilion 14-CE0015NS Pavilion 14-CE0046UR Pavilion 14-CE0507NA Pavilion 14-CF0008NF
Pavilion 14-CE0003NM Pavilion 14-CE0015TU Pavilion 14-CE0047TX Pavilion 14-CE0507SA Pavilion 14-CF0008NH
Pavilion 14-CE0003NN Pavilion 14-CE0015UR Pavilion 14-CE0047UR Pavilion 14-CE0510ND Pavilion 14-CF0008NO
Pavilion 14-CE0003NP Pavilion 14-CE0016NP Pavilion 14-CE0048TX Pavilion 14-CE0595NA Pavilion 14-CF0008UR
Pavilion 14-CE0003NS Pavilion 14-CE0016TU Pavilion 14-CE0048UR Pavilion 14-CE0595SA Pavilion 14-CF0009NF
Pavilion 14-CE0003NV Pavilion 14-CE0016UR Pavilion 14-CE0049TX Pavilion 14-CE0596NA Pavilion 14-CF0009NH
Pavilion 14-CE0003NX Pavilion 14-CE0017NF Pavilion 14-CE0049UR Pavilion 14-CE0596SA Pavilion 14-CF0009UR
Pavilion 14-CE0003UR Pavilion 14-CE0017NS Pavilion 14-CE0050UR Pavilion 14-CE0597NA Pavilion 14-CF0010CA
Pavilion 14-CE0004NE Pavilion 14-CE0017UR Pavilion 14-CE0051TX Pavilion 14-CE0597SA Pavilion 14-CF0010DS
Pavilion 14-CE0004NF Pavilion 14-CE0018NF Pavilion 14-CE0051UR Pavilion 14-CE0600NG Pavilion 14-CF0010UR
Pavilion 14-CE0004NP Pavilion 14-CE0018NS Pavilion 14-CE0052TX Pavilion 14-CE0601NG Pavilion 14-CF0011DS
Pavilion 14-CE0004NS Pavilion 14-CE0018TU Pavilion 14-CE0052UR Pavilion 14-CE0634ND Pavilion 14-CF0011NF
Pavilion 14-CE0004UR Pavilion 14-CE0018UR Pavilion 14-CE0053UR Pavilion 14-CE0804NO Pavilion 14-CF0011UR
Pavilion 14-CE0005NC Pavilion 14-CE0019NF Pavilion 14-CE0054UR Pavilion 14-CE0807NO Pavilion 14-CF0012DS
Pavilion 14-CE0005NM Pavilion 14-CE0019UR Pavilion 14-CE0055UR Pavilion 14-CE0820ND Pavilion 14-CF0012UR
Pavilion 14-CE0005NS Pavilion 14-CE0020NF Pavilion 14-CE0056TX Pavilion 14-CE0821ND Pavilion 14-CF0013NF
Pavilion 14-CE0005NV Pavilion 14-CE0020TU Pavilion 14-CE0057TX Pavilion 14-CE0822ND Pavilion 14-CF0013NO
Pavilion 14-CE0005UR Pavilion 14-CE0020TX Pavilion 14-CE0057UR Pavilion 14-CE0830ND Pavilion 14-CF0013UR
Pavilion 14-CE0006NC Pavilion 14-CE0020UR Pavilion 14-CE0058UR Pavilion 14-CE0831ND Pavilion 14-CF0014NC
Pavilion 14-CE0006NE Pavilion 14-CE0021TU Pavilion 14-CE0059UR Pavilion 14-CE0850NO Pavilion 14-CF0014NF
Pavilion 14-CE0006NF Pavilion 14-CE0021UR Pavilion 14-CE0060TX Pavilion 14-CE0851NO Pavilion 14-CF0014UR
Pavilion 14-CE0006NL Pavilion 14-CE0022TU Pavilion 14-CE0060UR Pavilion 14-CE0852NO Pavilion 14-CF0015NC
Pavilion 14-CE0006NM Pavilion 14-CE0022UR Pavilion 14-CE0061TX Pavilion 14-CE0853NO Pavilion 14-CF0015NF
Pavilion 14-CE0006NP Pavilion 14-CE0023NF Pavilion 14-CE0061UR Pavilion 14-CE0971ND Pavilion 14-CF0015NO
Pavilion 14-CE0006NS Pavilion 14-CE0023NL Pavilion 14-CE0062UR Pavilion 14-CE0996NO Pavilion 14-CF0015UR
Pavilion 14-CE0006TU Pavilion 14-CE0023TU Pavilion 14-CE0063TX Pavilion 14-CE0997NO Pavilion 14-CF0016CA
Pavilion 14-CE0006UR Pavilion 14-CE0023TX Pavilion 14-CE0063UR Pavilion 14-CE0998NL Pavilion 14-CF0016NC
Pavilion 14-CE0007NL Pavilion 14-CE0023UR Pavilion 14-CE0064ST Pavilion 14-CE0999NL Pavilion 14-CF0016NF
Pavilion 14-CE0007NM Pavilion 14-CE0024NL Pavilion 14-CE0064TX Pavilion 14-CF0000NE Pavilion 14-CF0016UR
Pavilion 14-CE0007NP Pavilion 14-CE0024TU Pavilion 14-CE0064UR Pavilion 14-CF0000NF Pavilion 14-CF0017UR
Pavilion 14-CE0007NS Pavilion 14-CE0024TX Pavilion 14-CE0065TX Pavilion 14-CF0000NH Pavilion 14-CF0018CA
Pavilion 14-CE0007UR Pavilion 14-CE0024UR Pavilion 14-CE0066TX Pavilion 14-CF0000NIA Pavilion 14-CF0018NO
Pavilion 14-CE0008CA Pavilion 14-CE0025TU Pavilion 14-CE0067TX Pavilion 14-CF0000NL Pavilion 14-CF0018UR
Pavilion 14-CE0008NC Pavilion 14-CE0025UR Pavilion 14-CE0068ST Pavilion 14-CF0000NO Pavilion 14-CF0019NO
Pavilion 14-CE0008NU Pavilion 14-CE0026TU Pavilion 14-CE0068TX Pavilion 14-CF0000UR Pavilion 14-CF0019UR
Pavilion 14-CE0008NW Pavilion 14-CE0026UR Pavilion 14-CE0069TX Pavilion 14-CF0001NF Pavilion 14-CF0020NO
Pavilion 14-CE0008TU Pavilion 14-CE0027TU Pavilion 14-CE0070TX Pavilion 14-CF0001NH Pavilion 14-CF0020UR
Pavilion 14-CE0008UR Pavilion 14-CE0027TX Pavilion 14-CE0082TX Pavilion 14-CF0001NO Pavilion 14-CF0021UR
Pavilion 14-CE0009NC Pavilion 14-CE0027UR Pavilion 14-CE0083TX Pavilion 14-CF0001NX Pavilion 14-CF0022UR

Additional information

Weight 5 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm