Toshiba Satellite S875-S7370 Laptop Original Battery

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    • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
    • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety. Grade A cells battery, 500+ recharge cycles.
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Product description

1. Battery Type:  New Battery
2. Cell Type: Li-ion
5.Color: Black


PA5023U-1BRS, PA5024U, PA5024U-1BRS, PA5025U-1BRS, PA5026U-1BRS, PA5108U-1BRS, PA5109U-1BRS, PA5110U-1BRS, PA5120U-1BRS, PABAS259, PABAS260, PABAS261, PABAS262, PABAS263, PABAS272, PABAS273, PABAS274, PABAS275, PSCBWA-0G5001, pscbwe-07900nc, PSCDSC-00700, PSCEEE-008005GR, PSCF6E-04900SEN, PSCFWA-02500K, PSCG6E-03T00LCE, PSCG7A-02U01V, PSCG7E-02C04QMP, PSCHWA-00L00C, PSK9UL-00J002, PSKAYC-00U001, PSKAYE-00300CN5, PSKC8A-04G00S, PSKC9E-00M004IT, PSKDHE DC-19V, PSKFWL-02H006, PSKNEC-00P00C, PSPLPA-07T040

FIT MODELS :(use “ctrl+F” to find your model quickly)

C850-T03B Satellite C855-128 Satellite L855-10W Satellite Pro C70-C-003 Bundle
c855-1qg Satellite C855-13T Satellite L855-11C Satellite PRO c75-a-119
Dynabook Qosmio T752-V4HW Satellite C855-14T Satellite L855-148 Satellite pro C75-A-12E
Dynabook Qosmio T752-V8H Satellite C855-17M Satellite L870-111 Satellite PRO C800-K02B
DynabookSatellite B352/W2JF Satellite C855-18J Satellite L870-122 Satellite PRO C800-K06B
DynabookSatellite B352-W2CHB Satellite C855-18N Satellite L870-13V Satellite PRO C850-10R
DynabookSatellite T572/W4TG Satellite C855-192 Satellite L875-10G Satellite PRO C850-10U
DynabookSatellite T572-W3MH Satellite C855-1GR Satellite P70-A-120 Satellite PRO C850-116
DynabookSatellite T572-W4PH Satellite C855-1HK Satellite P845T-S4305 Satellite PRO C850-15T
DynabookSatellite T652-W5VGB Satellite C855-1MD Satellite P850-13C Satellite PRO C850-1FN
DynabookSatellite T772/W5TG Satellite C855-1RU Satellite P855-107 Satellite pro C855 21-N
Satelite pro C55-A-1Ek Satellite C855-1RX Satellite P855-30H Satellite PRO C870-11R
SATELLITE C40-AT01W1 Satellite C855-1VT Satellite P870-11M Satellite Pro L70-A-13F
Satellite C50-a-053 Satellite C855-1WR Satellite Pro A50-A-10V Satellite Pro L70-A-140
Satellite C50-A-136 Satellite C855D-137 Satellite Pro C50-A-120 Satellite PRO L830-113
Satellite C50-A-1C8 Satellite C870-11F Satellite Pro C50-A-13R Satellite PRO L850-11T
Satellite C55-A-1D5 Satellite C870-11R Satellite Pro C50-A-15V Satellite PRO L850-1DQ
Satellite C55D-A-10 Satellite C870-134 Satellite Pro C50-A-16F Satellite PRO L850-1EQ
Satellite C70-B-20W Satellite C870-17D Satellite Pro C50-A-16N Satellite PRO L850-1G8
Satellite C70D-BST2NX1 Satellite C870-18V Satellite Pro C50-A-181 Satellite PRO L870-13U
Satellite C75-A-102 Satellite C870D Series Satellite Pro C50-A-1CC Satellite PRO L870-171
Satellite C75-A-115 Satellite L800-C02R Satellite Pro C50-A-1DE Satellite S70-B-10N
Satellite C800-K03B Satellite L800-C05B Satellite Pro C50-A-1E5 Satellite S70-B-11D
Satellite C800-S18B1 Satellite L800-C09B Satellite Pro C50-A-1EU Satellite S70T-A04G
Satellite C805-AC2R1 Satellite L800-C29B Satellite Pro C50-A-1F4 Tecra A50-A-10E
Satellite C805-C18B Satellite L800-C59W Satellite Pro C50-A-1GN Tecra A50-A-12M
Satellite C805-C32R Satellite L800-S18W Satellite Pro C50-A-1J2 Tecra A50-A-12P
Satellite C805-S21B Satellite L800-S23W Satellite Pro C50-A-1KL Tecra A50-A-13W
Satellite C805-S63B Satellite L800-S28B Satellite Pro C50-A-1LC Tecra A50-A-15F
Satellite C805-SC1B1 Satellite L830-10J Satellite Pro C50-A-1MQ Tecra A50-A-15W
Satellite C805-T03B Satellite L830-10V Satellite PRO C50-AT01W1 Tecra A50-A-16E
Satellite C805-T79B Satellite L830-11G Satellite Pro C50D-A-1C9 Tecra A50-A-175
Satellite C850/04Q Satellite L830-T01W Satellite Pro C50D-A-1E2 Tecra A50-A-17L
Satellite C850-00X Satellite L840/04E Satellite Pro C50D-A-1EV Tecra A50-A-19W
Satellite C850-058 Satellite L850/03D Satellite pro C55D-A-10 V Tecra A50-A-1D8
Satellite C850-10Z Satellite L850/0D1 Satellite PRO C55D-A-10V Tecra A50-A-1DP
Satellite C850-119 Satellite L850-110 Satellite Pro C70-A-11Q Tecra A50-A-1EJ
Satellite C850-13C Satellite L850-12U Satellite Pro C70-A-12H Tecra A50-A-1G8
Satellite C850-14D Satellite L850-161 Satellite Pro C70-A-13L Tecra A50-A-1HV
Satellite C850-15Q Satellite L850-19C Satellite Pro C70-A-14V Tecra W50-079 Bundle(B-PT640C-079039)
Satellite C850-1C0 Satellite L850-1D5 Satellite Pro C70-A-159 Tecra W50-A-102
Satellite C850-1EQ Satellite L850-1EK Satellite Pro C70-A-15M Tecra W50-A-110
Satellite C850D Series Satellite L850-1MH Satellite Pro C70-A-17L Tecra W50-A-11D
Satellite C850D-011 Satellite L850-C21W Satellite Pro C70-B-111 Tecra W50-A-11H
Satellite C855-10K Satellite L850D-00M Satellite Pro C70-B-128 Satellite C70D-B-31U
Satellite C855-10T Satellite L850-T01B

Additional information

Weight 0.5 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm