Hp Pavilion 15-AU, 15-AW Laptop Internal CPU Cooling Fan Cooler


  • Laptop CPU Cooling Fan
  • High Quality Cooler
  • Noise Free CPU Fan
  • Package Included: 1 Pc Laptop Fan
  • Brand HP
    Colour Similar to Image
    Compatible Brand For Hp Compaq
    Warranty Summary Testing Warranty on Manufacturing Defects
    Warranty Service Type Replacement or Repair Carry in Warranty
    Warranty Covered Warranty of the Product is Limited to Failure and Manufacturing Defects
    Warranty Not Covered Defects due to External Causes, Accidental, Physical Damage, Cut, Burnt, Misuse and Missing Warranty Stickers or Labels, Overcharging, Swollen or Wet Leaked

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Hp Pavilion 15-AU, 15-AW Laptop Internal CPU Cooling Fan Cooler

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Hp Pavilion 15-AW001AU, 15-AW001CY, 15-AW002AU, 15-AW002CY, 15-AW002LA, 15-AW003AU, 15-AW003AX, 15-AW003CY, 15-AW003LA, 15-AW004AU, 15-AW004AX, 15-AW004CY, 15-AW004LA, 15-AW004LM, 15-AW005AU, 15-AW005AX, 15-AW005CY, 15-AW005LAT, 15-AW006AX, 15-AW006CY, 15-AW007AX, 15-AW007CY, 15-AW007DS, 15-AW008AX, 15-AW008CA, 15-AW008CY, 15-AW008DS, 15-AW009AX, 15-AW009DS, 15-AW010AX, 15-AW010DS, 15-AW011AX, 15-AW011DS, 15-AW012AX, 15-AW013AX, 15-AW014AX, 15-AW015AX, 15-AW016AX, 15-AW017AX, 15-AW017CA, 15-AW018AX, 15-AW019AX, 15-AW020AX, 15-AW020CA, 15-AW029NA, 15-AW030CA, 15-AW050CA, 15-AW053NR, 15-AW057NR, 15-AW060CA, 15-AW068NR, 15-AW070CA, 15-AW077NR, 15-AW078NR, 15-AW094NR, 15-AW167CL, 15Z-AW000, 856359-001, 859710-001

Additional information

Weight 0.5 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm