HP Envy X2 13-J001NF Laptop Battery

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  • HP BV02XL battery has an integrated microchip which can prevent overcharging and lengthen the life of battery.
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Fit Laptop Models
775624-121 776621-006 HSTNN-1B6Q
775624-1C1 BV02033XL HSTNN-IB6Q
776621-001 BV02XL TPN-I116
Fit Laptop Models
Envy X2 13-J000NA Envy X2 13-J001NG Envy X2 13-J012DX Envy X2 13-J050SA
Envy X2 13-J000NO Envy X2 13-J001TU Envy X2 13-J020ND Envy X2 13-J070NZ
Envy X2 13-J000NP Envy X2 13-J002DX Envy X2 13-J020NE Envy X2 13-J071NZ
Envy X2 13-J000NS Envy X2 13-J002NE Envy X2 13-J030NG Envy X2 13-J098NX
Envy X2 13-J000NX Envy X2 13-J002TU Envy X2 13-J031NG Envy X2 13-J099NT
Envy X2 13-J001NF Envy X2 13-J011NF Envy X2 13-J050NA Envy X2 13-J099NX

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