Dell Precision M2300 Laptop Battery

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  • Dell 0GD775 battery has an integrated microchip which can prevent overcharging and lengthen the life of battery.
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  • 6 Month Warranty.

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Dell Part No
0GD775 0TD116 GD785 KP423 JY366 451-10297
0GD787 0TD117 GD787 MJ456 TD117 451-10298
0JD605 0TD175 HX345 NT377 TD175 451-10299
0JD606 0TG226 JD605 NT379 TG226 GD775
0JD610 0UD088 JD606 PC764 UD088 GD776
0JD616 0UG260 JD610 PC765 UG260 0NT367
0JD634 310-9080 JD616 PD685 KD491 0PD685
0JD648 310-9081 JD617 RC126 KD492 0RD300
0KD489 312-0383 JD634 RD300 KD494 0RD301
0KD491 312-0384 JD648 RD301 KD495 0TC030
0KD494 312-0386 JD775 TC030 KD496 TD116
0KD495 312-0653 KD489
Fit Model
Latitude D620 Latitude D630 ATG Latitude D630C Latitude D631 Latitude D830N
Latitude D630 Latitude D630 UMA Latitude D630N Latitude D631N Precision M2300

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