Asus Vivobook C21-x202 Laptop Battery


Asus Vivobook C21-x202 battery has an integrated microchip which can prevent overcharging and lengthen the life of battery.

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  • Asus Part No:-
  • C21-X202
  • VivoBook Q200
Fit Model
X202E-UH31T-PK S200E-CT209H X201E-KX060D
S200LI236 S200E-CT216H X201E-KX062DU
F201E S200E-CT217H X201E-KX063DU
F201E-KX052H S200E-CT236H X201E-KX069H
F201E-KX063H S200E-CT242H X201E-KX070H
F201E-KX064H S200E-CT243H X201E-KX072H
F201E-KX065DU S200E-CT248H X201E-KX091D
F201E-KX065H S200E-CT256H X201E-KX092D
F201E-KX066DU S200E-CT57H X201E-KX093D
F201E-KX066H S200E-DB31T X201E-KX094D
F201E-KX067DU S200E-RHI3T73 X201E-KX096H
F201E-KX067H S200L3217E X201E-KX097H
F201E-KX068DU S200L-3217E X201E-KX098H
F201E-KX068H S200L987E X201E-KX099H
F202E S200L-987E X201E-KX105H
F202E-CT028H X201Series X201E-KX137H
F202E-CT059H X201E X201E-KX270H
F202E-CT063H X201ESeries X201E-KX847W
F202E-CT111H X201E-DH01 X202E
F202E-CT133H X201E-KX001DU X202EPINK
F202E-CT148H X201E-KX001H X202ESeries
F202E-CT273H X201E-KX002D X202E-CT001H
Q200E X201E-KX002DU X202E-CT006H
Q200E-BHI3T45 X201E-KX002H X202E-CT009H
Q200E-BSI3T08 X201E-KX003D X202E-CT011H
R200E X201E-KX003H X202E-CT025H
R201E X201E-KX004DU X202E-CT129H
S200 X201E-KX006D X202E-CT142H
S200E X201E-KX006H X202E-CT143H
S200E-0133K3217U X201E-KX009DU X202E-CT157H
S200E-0143KULV987 X201E-KX009H X202E-CT3217
S200E-CT006T X201E-KX010DU X202E-CT3217G
S200E-CT008T X201E-KX010H X202E-CT987
S200E-CT009T X201E-KX011D X202E-CT987G
S200E-CT157H X201E-KX011DU X202E-DH31T-CA
S200E-CT158H X201E-KX012D X202E-DH31T-CB
S200E-CT162H X201E-KX022D X202E-DH31T-PK
S200E-CT163H X201E-KX022H X202E-DH31T-SL
S200E-CT178H X201E-KX023D X202E-UH31T
S200E-CT179H X201E-KX023H X202E-UH51T
S200E-CT180H X201E-KX024D X201ESeries
S200E-CT181H X201E-KX030H X201E-1A
S200E-CT182H X201E-KX040H X201E-1B
S200E-CT183H X201E-KX041D X201E3217E
S200E-CT184H X201E-KX042D X201E-6D
S200E-CT185H X201E-KX042H X201E-6E
S200E-CT186H X201E-KX043D X201E987E
S200E-CT190H X201E-KX045D X202E-3E
S200E-CT198H X201E-KX053D X202E-3J
S200E-CT206H X201E-KX059D X202E-3K

Additional information

Weight 0.5 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm