Acer Aspire BTP-58A1 Laptop Battery

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Acer Aspire BTP-58A1 battery has an integrated microchip which can prevent overcharging and lengthen the life of battery.

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Compatible Part Numbers
6M.A16V1.001 BT.T3007.001 BTP-66EM MS2138
6M.T49V1.001 BT.T3007.003 BTP-67EM MS2154
909-2420 BTP-55E3 BTP-84A1 MS2154W
91.49V28.001 BTP-56E3 BTP-85A1 MS2159
BT.00803.004 BTP-58A1 BTP-89A1 MS2159W
BT.A1604.002 BTP-59A1 LC.BTP01.003 PC-AB7800
BT.T3004.001 BTP-60A1 LC.BTP03.002 PC-AB7830
Fit Models
Aspire 1360 Aspire 1612LM Aspire 1664LM TravelMate 242FX(MS2138)
Aspire 1360LC Aspire 1612LMI Aspire 1664LMI TravelMate 242LC
Aspire 1362 Aspire 1613 Aspire 1664WLCI TravelMate 242LCI
Aspire 1362LC Aspire 1613LC Aspire 1664WLM TravelMate 242LM
Aspire 1362LCI Aspire 1613LM Aspire 1664WLMI TravelMate 242LMI
Aspire 1362LM Aspire 1613LMI Aspire 3010 TravelMate 242X
Aspire 1362LMI Aspire 1620 Aspire 5010 TravelMate 242XC
Aspire 1362WLC Aspire 1620LC Aspire 5012LMI TravelMate 242XM
Aspire 1362WLCI Aspire 1620LMI Aspire 5012WLMI TravelMate 243LC
Aspire 1362WLM Aspire 1621 Aspire 5014 TravelMate 243LCH
Aspire 1362WLMI Aspire 1621LC Aspire 5014LMI TravelMate 243X
Aspire 1363 Aspire 1621LM Aspire 5014WLMI TravelMate 243XH
Aspire 1363LC Aspire 1621LMI Extensa 2000 TravelMate 243XI
Aspire 1363LCI Aspire 1622 Extensa 2001LC TravelMate 244LCI
Aspire 1363LMI Aspire 1622LC Extensa 2001LM TravelMate 244LC-XPP
Aspire 1363WLCI Aspire 1622LM Extensa 2500 TravelMate 250
Aspire 1363WLM Aspire 1622LMI Extensa 2501FLC TravelMate 2500
Aspire 1363WLMI Aspire 1622WLM Extensa 2501LC TravelMate 2500LC
Aspire 1365 Aspire 1622WLMI Extensa 2501LM TravelMate 2501
Aspire 1365LCI Aspire 1623 TravelMate 2000 TravelMate 2501LC
Aspire 1365LMI Aspire 1623LM TravelMate 2001 TravelMate 2501LCI
Aspire 1500LCE Aspire 1623LMI TravelMate 2001FX TravelMate 2501LM
Aspire 1500LCI Aspire 1624 TravelMate 2001LC TravelMate 2501LMI
Aspire 1500LMI Aspire 1624LM TravelMate 2001LCE TravelMate 2501XC
Aspire 1501LC Aspire 1624LMI TravelMate 2001LCI TravelMate 2502
Aspire 1501LCE Aspire 1624WLM TravelMate 2001LM TravelMate 2502LC
Aspire 1501LCI Aspire 1660 TravelMate 2001LME TravelMate 2502LCI
Aspire 1501LMI Aspire 1660WLMI TravelMate 2001XC TravelMate 2502LM
Aspire 1502LCE Aspire 1661 TravelMate 2003 TravelMate 2502LMI
Aspire 1502LM Aspire 1661LM TravelMate 2003LC TravelMate 2503
Aspire 1502LMI Aspire 1661LMI TravelMate 2003LCE TravelMate 2504
Aspire 1520LMI Aspire 1661WLC TravelMate 2003LM TravelMate 2504LC
Aspire 1521LCI Aspire 1661WLCI TravelMate 2003LME TravelMate 250LC
Aspire 1521LMI Aspire 1661WLM TravelMate 2100LM TravelMate 250LCI
Aspire 1522LC Aspire 1661WLMI TravelMate 2100WLC TravelMate 250PE
Aspire 1522LMI Aspire 1662 TravelMate 2100WLCI TravelMate 250PEXC
Aspire 1522WLM Aspire 1662LC TravelMate 2101WLC TravelMate 252ELC
Aspire 1522WLMI Aspire 1662LM TravelMate 2101WLCI TravelMate 252ELCI
Aspire 1523LMI Aspire 1662LMI TravelMate 2101WLM TravelMate 254ELCI
Aspire 1523WLM Aspire 1662WLM TravelMate 2101WLMI TravelMate 2601LCI
Aspire 1523WLMI Aspire 1662WLMI TravelMate 2102WLC TravelMate 2601LMI
Aspire 1524LMI Aspire 1663 TravelMate 2103LC TravelMate 2601WLC
Aspire 1524WLM Aspire 1663LM TravelMate 2103WLC TravelMate 2601WLCI
Aspire 1524WLMI Aspire 1663LMI TravelMate 2103WLCI TravelMate 2601WLM
Aspire 1610 Aspire 1663WLM TravelMate 2103WLM TravelMate 2601WLMI
Aspire 1610LM Aspire 1663WLMI TravelMate 2103WLMI TravelMate 2602
Aspire 1612 Aspire 1664 TravelMate 240 TravelMate 2602LCI
TravelMate 2602WLMI TravelMate 2602WLM TravelMate 2602WLCI

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm