A1618 A1494 A1398 Battery for MacBook Pro Battery 15 inch Retina Mid 2015 Mid 2014 Late 2013, Fit for MacBookPro 11,2 11,3 11,4 11,5 2013 2014 2015 MacBook pro Battery A1398


  • A1618 A1494 A1398 Battery — Health:100%+, Voltage: 11.26V, Capacity: 99Wh.
  • Suit for 15 inch A1398 MacBook Pro Battery Late 2013 Mid 2014 2015 Not for Early 2013 and 2012 Versoin>[See more specific models on the Product Description].
  • Brand new battery-> Directly 6 Month warranty from World It Hub, perform as good as the original battery. A1398 Macbook Pro 15 inch battery replacement come with adapted screwdriver..
  • Multi-command chip control-> Contain with Durable A cells,Multi-command chip control makes the battery supply power stably..

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  • Imported from USA.

-Product description:

Voltage: 11.26V

Capacity: 99Wh / 8800mAh

Cells: 6-cell

Battery Type: Li-Polymer

-A1494 A1618 A1398 Battery Compatible with MacBook Models:

MacBookPro11,5 — MacBook Pro 15 inch A1398 Mid 2015

MacBookPro11,4 — MacBook Pro 15 inch A1398 Mid 2015

MacBookPro11,3 — MacBook Pro 15 inch A1398 Mid 2014 Late 2013

MacBookPro11,2 — MacBook Pro 15 inch A1398 Late 2013

-Compatible with MacBook Pro Part Numbers:




-Important to find your model identifier in System Profiler:

1. Choose About This Mac from the Apple menu in the upper-left
corner of your screen.

2. Click More Info.

3. Find the model identifier listed in the Hardware Overview
under the Hardware section.


1. Pls find your models to ensure you are getting the
correctbattery for your laptop before purchasing.

2. It’s recommended that the battery should be fully charged
anddischarged 3 times after you receive the battery.

3. Battery discharge, it is best not discharge to less than 6%
or the computer power off, otherwise it may be easily damaged and
may not be fully charged.

4. If you connect external power to use for a long time,
pleasere move the battery.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm